Values and Mission Statement

Everyone should have a home in a safe and vibrant community. The Housing and Community Development Department (HCD)’s mission is to provide and maintain low-income housing to the diverse residents of Alameda County, whether though rental or homeownership, and to ensure all our residents have a safe, well-maintained, and pleasant place to call home.

Housing & Community Development (HCD) Core Values - Housing is a human right for all residents: Leadership, Collaboration, People Focused, Adaptability, Accountability, and Equity and Inclusion.

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Housing is a Human Right for all Residents

Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) Core Values

White text on a forest green background that says, Leadership

Light the way. Instill hope and confidence, create a clear focus, responsibly shape a brighter future for Alameda County.

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Strengthen existing connections and weave new ones to expand efforts and drive impactful programs. Facilitate open and honest communication to build alignment and support inclusive partnerships.

White text on a beige background that says, People Focused

People Focused
Dedicated to serving our communities though impactful and responsive programs and services that center their needs.

White text on a brick red background that says, Adaptability

Strategic innovations. Creatively and flexibly respond to changing needs, shifting resources, and evolving community priorities to best serve Alameda County.

White text on a dark teal background that says, Accountability

Embody public stewardship. Commit to public investment with integrity to build a legacy of positive impact.

White text on an orange background that says, Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion
Cultivate a culture of belonging. Repair systematic and individual harm, promote diversity, dignity, and empowerment in our workplace and communities, and advance housing as a human right.