Discrimination and Fair Housing

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Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) funds ECHO Housing  to provide Fair Housing Services to tenants and landlords in the cities of Albany, Dublin, Emeryville, Newark, and Piedmont, and all areas of the Unincorporated County. Are you a tenant or trying to rent housing in one of these areas?

  • Have you received an eviction notice?
  • Have you had trouble getting repairs completed?
  • Have you experienced discrimination in housing because of your race, ethnic origin, marital status, sex, religion, arbitrary reason (i.e. sexual orientation, source of income)?
  • Have disputes between tenants and landlords escalated to the point where mediation is needed?
  • Have you moved recently but haven’t received your security deposit back?
  • Have you experienced discrimination in housing because you have children in your household, or because you have a disability?
  • Do you need information about your rights and responsibilities?

ECHO Housing can help you resolve the problems above, help you to determine whether you have been discriminated against, and what to do if you have been, as well as assist with other fair housing and tenant/landlord issues.

If you are a landlord or property manager and have questions on these issues, ECHO can also provide you with information.

If you are living in one of the other cities in the County and would like to learn more about fair housing programs, please see the relevant city website. (pdf)

Find more information about Fair Housing. (pdf)

Get Assistance from HUD (multi-lingual website)

People who feel they are a victim of housing, loan servicing or lending discrimination can also contact HUD.

Are You a Victim of Housing Discrimination? Below is information (pdf) in multiple languages:
Arabic  |  Cambodian  |  Chinese  |  English  |  Korean  |  Russian  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese

Equal Housing Opportunity for All — Brochure (pdf) in multiple languages:
Arabic  |  Cambodian  |  Chinese  |  English  |  Korean  |  Russian  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese