Resources for County Residents

Renters »

Finding a place to rent can be a challenge, but Alameda County provides many services to help lighten the burden for low-income and extremely low-income renters.

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Homeowners and Home Buyers »

Alameda County Housing and Community Development (HCD) has a commitment to ensuring equitable homeownership for all our residents.

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Rental Property Providers and Owners »

Alameda County has many property owners that provide places to live though rental units, rooms, accessory dwelling units, and homes.

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Homeless and Unsheltered »

When that one thing happens that makes you lose your home, where can you turn? Here are links to finding help with landlords, legal help, and where to go to find assistance.

There are an array of programs and resources for families, seniors, those
with disabilities, and low-income individuals in need. Find resources for Unincorporated County residents here:

Use the Community Locator to find out if you are in Unincorporated County:


Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) provides financial assistance and support for customers, including help with past due bills, ways to reduce future bills, and additional general support.

East Bay MUD

If your water has been shut off due to non-payment, please call EBMUD Customer Service at 1-866-403-2683 to make arrangements to restore service. EBMUD’s Customer Assistance Program helps reduce bills for customers facing economic hardships.