RenewAC and Home Preservation and Rehabilitation

It’s vital that Alameda County aging housing stock be preserved and rehabilitated when needed. This not only so people can age in place as they grow older, getting the help they need in making adjustments to their home, but also so older homes don’t deteriorate though lack of funds.


Logo for Renew Alameda County has a green line house surrounded by an orange hammer and a blue screwdriver all made out of the same line
A Handicap bathroom with handrails

The RenewAC program provides affordable, low-interest deferred payment loans to qualified homeowners to be used for home improvement projects that help create or maintain a safe and comfortable home. The program is administered by Alameda County with funding provided by Alameda County taxpayers who approved the Measure A1 Housing Bond in November 2016. Please visit the RenewAC website for more information.

The low interest loans are between $15,000 and $150,000, depending on the need, with a simple interest rate of 1% and do not require payments for a term of 30 years. The loan will be due and payable before the end of its term if the property ceases to be owner-occupied or when the property transfers to an owner who does not qualify to assume the loan.

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Healthy Homes Property Owner Services

With property-based lead safety consultations, Healthy Homes helps you identify and reduce lead hazards in your home. Grants to remove lead hazards from older homes are available to homeowners who qualify. Specific incorporated cities only.