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ECHO’s Tenant/Landlord Counseling Program provides information to tenants and landlords on rental housing issues such as evictions, rent increases, repairs and habitability, harassment, illegal entry, and other rights and responsibilities regarding the tenant/landlord relationship. Some cities and unincorporated county areas covered, others not.

ECHO has trained mediators to assist in resolving housing disputes through conciliation and mediation. We make referrals to legal services for advice and representation on housing-related issues including evictions, rent increases, repairs and habitability, and harassment. ECHO Housing’s Rent Review Ordinance and Tenant Protections Training or access the slide presentation: ECHO housing training for landlords.

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Get Up to $80k in Mortgage Relief or $20k in Property Tax Relief if You Live in the Property

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The State of California has created a $1-billion mortgage relief fund to help low- to moderate-income homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments or property taxes during the pandemic. This does not apply to landlords who do not live at the property in question.

The governor’s proposed 2024 budget may revise this number down $345 million from this fund because the money wasn’t used. If you want this money, act fast as this program may go away in next year’s budget.

Foreclosure Resources »

Facing the possibility of foreclosure is both daunting and frightening. It’s better to proactively reach out and look at options than ignore a situation.

We also have a Foreclosure Prevention Program (FPP) for small, low-income property owners.

Small Claims Court for Rental Housing Providers Who are Owed Back-Owed Rent

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Small Claims Guidance on Rental Debt

See Alameda County’s Flyer for the steps and deadlines in the eviction process

The Self-help Desk at the Alameda County Superior Court provides legal information and resources to self-represent court customers. Assistance may be in the form of private appointments, referrals, Live Chat, and/or telephonic assistance. Self Help | Superior Court of California | County of Alameda

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Meet with a HUD certified counselor to explain various options to prevent foreclosure.

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