For Homeowners and Home Buyers

Alameda County Housing and Community Development (HCD) has a commitment to ensuring equitable homeownership for all our residents.

First-Time Home Buyers

AC Boost Downpayment Assistance Program

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The AC Boost program provides down payment assistance loans to eligible, middle-income, first-time homebuyers to facilitate the purchase of owner-occupied homes in Alameda County. In response to the high cost of housing, Alameda County taxpayers voted to give buyers a boost! No payments due during the term of the loan, making your mortgage payment affordable. Qualified applicants can borrow up to $210,000 in the form of a shared appreciation down payment assistance loan to buy a home in the county.

Various cities within Alameda County provide assistance for first-time and/or low-income homebuyers. On a city-by-city basis, down payment assistance, silent second mortgage programs or below market rate units may be available to assist you in purchasing a home. Contact Information For Each City (pdf)

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Counseling and Financial Literacy for Home Buyers »

It’s important to understand how to manage the financial obligations of homeownership before you begin the process of buying a home. We encourage you to learn about the obligations and benefits that come with homeownership.

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Beware of Predatory Lending »

Predatory lending is the practice of charging excessive fees, high interest rates and other abusive techniques that some mortgages lenders use to take advantage of borrowers, especially elderly homeowners who may have high levels of equity in their home. 

Programs for Homeowners

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Alameda County Housing Secure Homeowner Resources

Empower yourself and your community by learning more about your rights and the available resources. We fight abusive mortgage servicing, problems with homeowner associations, foreclosure, property tax debt, escrow and other homeowner problems.

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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Resource Center

The mission of the Alameda County ADU Resource Center is to provide resources that make it easier for homeowners to build ADUs (accessory dwelling units). The AC ADU Resource Center was created to help residents of Alameda County through the entire process of building an ADU — also known as granny flats, backyard cottages, in-law units, or basement/garage apartments. HelloAUD is also an Accessory Dwelling Unit resource.

RenewAC: Affordable Renovations Within Arms Reach

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Renew Alameda County (RenewAC) helps homeowners make renovations necessary to stay, grow, and thrive in their homes. RenewAC can make your home improvement plans come to life—without breaking the bank. RenewAC provides 1% interest loans from $15,000 to $150,000 to qualified homeowners. Simple interest is accrued annually, with total interest never to exceed 50% of amount borrowed, and payments are deferred until the home is sold.

Healthy Homes Property Owner Services

With property-based lead safety consultations, Healthy Homes helps you identify and reduce lead hazards in your home. Grants to remove lead hazards from older homes are available to homeowners who qualify.

Programs for Homeowners Who are Struggling to Stay in Their Home

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California Mortgage Relief Program

Has provided millions of dollars in critical assistance to thousands of California homeowners struggling with financial hardships. This government program is free, and here to help. There is nothing to pay back. If you’ve struggled with missed mortgage payments, late property taxes, loan deferrals, partial claims, or other homeowner financial hardships, you may qualify for assistance from the California Mortgage Relief Program.

It’s important that our residents are able to age in their homes. With that in mind, we have programs for qualified homeowners to add accessibility features and maintain the safety of their homes.

Foreclosure Resources »

Facing the possibility of foreclosure is both daunting and frightening. It’s better to proactively reach out and look at options than ignore a situation.

Other Resources

Federal and State Home-Ownership Resources

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The Federal Government and the State of California have various programs to assist low-income households and first-time home-buyers. For more information:

Alameda County Mortgage Credit Certificate Refinance Program

We have the ability to process Refinance Mortgage Credit Certificate (RMCC) applications only.

Mortgage Credit Certificate Refinancing Instructions


RMCC Application & Transmittal: The County of Alameda offers a Reissued MCC (RMCC) Program for homeowners who are refinancing their MCC-assisted mortgages. An Applicant may refinance as many times as they would like, however the MCC must also be reissued for each refinance. The RMCC application process begins when the Lender submits an application package to HCD. The application package includes two program forms and other supporting documents.

The following documents must be enclosed, or the Application will be returned.

    • All Applications:
      • Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or Lender Company Check for $750, payable to Alameda County MCC Program. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED)
      • RMCC1 – Reissued Application Checklist (pdf)
      • RMCC2 – Reissued Application and Affidavit (pdf)  (Notarized)
      • Copy of Original MCC and all previously issued RMCC’s
      • If you are a current MCC Holder and you want to download the IRS income tax form (# 8396) needed for your tax return, it is located at:
    • Documents from “Original Loan” and “First Refinance”:
      • Copy of the original note.
      • If applicant does not have a copy, they should contact the Title Company that handled their original loan.
      • HUD-1 Settlement Statement for original loan. (Payoff of the original loan that purchased the Property).
    • Documents from Current Refinancing:
      • Copy of Preliminary Title Report with respect to new Loan (refinance)
      • Copy of new loan application, (1003A)
      • Copy of Note and Deed of Trust for new loan.
      • HUD-1 Settlement Statement for new loan – must be certified.
For questions, please reach out to