Local Programs Directory

The Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) has many programs to help our neighborhoods thrive by make obtaining and maintaining housing easier and more equitable for all, including:

Logo for the Measure A1 reporting website with the Almeda County seal before the words, Measure A1

Affordable Rental Housing Development

In 2016, voters overwhelmingly voted for the Measure A1 General Obligation Bond to support the creation of new affordable housing opportunities. Measure A1 passed with 73% of the vote in favor of creating or preserving 3,800 affordable homes countywide to address the severe housing crisis in our community, including leveraging billions of dollars in state, federal, and private funds in order to build quality affordable housing throughout Alameda County.

AC Boost Logo, a blue box on the ground giving a boost up to an outlined box

AC Boost

A program that allows first-time homeowners to borrow up to $210,000 in the form of a shared appreciation down payment assistance loan to buy a home in Alameda County. 

Brown logo for AC Housing Secure words on the left, on the right is a circle that has Alameda County landmarks: UC Berkeley Campanili, Oakland Port Cranes, the observatory, etc.

AC Housing Secure

Alameda County Housing Secure is a collaborative of legal service providers partnering to prevent the displacement of our vital community members throughout Alameda County.

Alameda County Resource Center logo. Text to the right and to the left a line drawing of different size: A small house, in front of a large house, in front of an apartment building.

Alameda County ADU Resource Center

The mission of the Alameda County ADU Resource Center is to provide resources that make it easier for homeowners to build ADUs (accessory dwelling units). The AC ADU Resource Center was created to help residents of Alameda County through the entire process of building an ADU — also known as granny flats, backyard cottages, in-law units, or basement/garage apartments.

Hello ADU

Logo for Hello AUD looks like a bright yellow sun

Accessory Dwelling Units provide owners with added financial stability and communities with much needed affordable housing. HelloADU, a program of nonprofit Hello Housing, assists homeowners by providing feasibility assessments and project management support to participating homeowners who want to add an ADU or JADU to their property. Free project management services for unincorporated county residents.

Home Preservation and Rehabilitation »

Ceramic tiles, tile spacers and a tile cutter on a wooden floor

It’s vital that Alameda County aging housing stock be preserved and rehabilitated when needed. This not only so people can age in place as they grow older, getting the help they need making adjustments to their home, but also so older homes don’t fall apart though lack of funds. Major loans to help maintain your property and Healthy Homes grants to remove lead paint from your home.

Landlord Foreclosure Prevention Program (FPP)

Logo for the Community Housing Service with administers Landlord Foreclosure Prevention Program (FPP}

The Alameda County Foreclosure Prevention Program for Small, Low-Income Property Owners (“FPP” or the “Program”), approved by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in August 2023, provides financial assistance to eligible small, low-income property owners, who are at risk of foreclosure, or are in foreclosure, as a result of nonpayment of rents during the COVID-19 pandemic and during the period of the Alameda County Eviction Moratorium, which ended on April 29, 2023. 

RenewAC Logo has first outlines of an orange hammer, a green house, and a blue screwdriver with the words off to the right side


Renew Alameda County helps homeowners make needed renovations necessary to stay, grow, and thrive in their homes. Renew AC provides 1% interest loans from $15,000 to $150,000 to qualified homeowners. Simple interest is accrued annually, with total interest never to exceed 50% of amount borrowed, and payments are deferred until the home is sold.