Why a California Plan to Build More Homes Is Failing

California state Sen. Toni Atkins is working to fix some of the obstacles homeowners meet when trying to build under SB9. A middle-aged lady sitting in front of the California State Flag wearing a red outfit

By Christine Mai-Duc, Wall Street Journal Only a few dozen people have built housing under a law allowing them to construct duplexes alongside single-family houses When California legislators voted in 2021 to eliminate zoning laws that require neighborhoods to have only single family homes, supporters celebrated it as a tool to alleviate the state’s crippling housing shortage. Opponents … Read more

Renting Forever and Trying to Create a Strong Financial Future

A couple playing air hockey on an apartment complex's community center, an open airy space with huge floor to celling windows and comfortable couches

By Paulette Perhach, New York Times Either by choice or because they are priced out of the market, many people plan to never stop renting. Building wealth without home equity requires a different mind-set. As in any other market, predicting the future of rent charges is impossible. Rents could deflate as they did during the pandemic … Read more