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The Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department (HCD), serves by investing in productive, equitable, and enjoyable communities across the County. HCD directs state, local, and federal funds to projects and programs that address the high cost of housing, improve community infrastructure, and prevent displacement. Our partners administer services programs, repair parks and sidewalks, and build and preserve affordable housing. 

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past 50 years, including:

  • Administrating Measure A1 funding for affordable projects, to date, MA1 has funded 4,117 affordable rental units in Alameda County and committed over $377 million in MA1 funds.

  • HCD’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program has provided over $100,000,000 to fund various programs in smaller cities and the unincorporated areas, including affordable housing, single-family rehabilitation, minor home repairs, fair housing, tenant/landlord programs, and capital projects.

  • HCD started the countywide Continuum of Care (CoC), a countywide planning body that coordinates housing and services funding for homeless families and individuals, which has since brought in more than $557 million of HUD funding to serve those experiencing homelessness.

  • During the foreclosure crisis, HCD received one of 30 nationwide Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grants (NSP) to implement innovative solutions to the crisis.

Program availability is subject to your residency and location within Alameda County and varies depending on the funding source. Please refer to specific program guidelines.

Here is a sampling of some of our completed affordable-housing projects:

  • Monarch Homes multifamily homes that HCD Built
  • Loro Landing multifamily homes that HCD Built
  • Family baking cookies together for a celebration.
  • Corsair Flats multifamily homes that HCD Built
  • Family playing with baby in apartment
  • Embark Apartments building that HCD Built
  • Bell Street Gardens multifamily homes that HCD Built
  • Couple making dinner in their apartment
  • Jordan Court multifamily homes that HCD Built

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